Glasgow City Marketing Bureau has found that there are several key elements to revive a relationship on a trip, reports a leading website.

Here's how:

* Go on a city break with your partner: Cities are bursting with life and romance, so you can soak up the atmosphere and find something to do wherever you turn.

* Spend 5.31 hours exploring the city on foot: The best way to discover new things and people is by walking.

* Stay in a well-located hotel: Choose a hotel with historic landmarks, shops, pubs and bars, open spaces and local amenities within walking distance. The height of luxury makes it feel like a special treat.

* Spend 8.1 hours drinking and dining in restaurants and bars: Couples should indulge in a long three-course meal and should chat over drinks.

* Spend 2.75 hours shopping for a new wardrobe and gifts: It is perfect opportunity to get what you have wanted for a while and surprise each other with a present.


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