New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is set to give clean chit to its tainted employees as the Vigilance Department has failed to reach any conclusion after decade-long investigations into the complaints filed against them.

A proposal is expected to be introduced to the Appointment Committee of the MCD on Tuesday to give clean chit in 126 such cases which would bring relief to 500 employees.

The decision will be a boon especially for the retired employees who are still deprived of their pensions, retirement benefits and other departmental perks.

In a meeting held in July, Chairperson Meera Aggarwal had asked the Chief Vigilance Officer to create a list of cases in which the investigations are pending for a decade or so. Aggarwal said, “There is a provision to give a clean chit to the employees against whom the Vigilance Department is carrying out investigations for the last three years or so but there is no concrete conclusion in this regard.”

“It has been discovered that the complaints on hold for years were not strong in nature. A meeting of the Appointments Committee will be convened on August 23 at Civic Center to exonerate the employees in such cases,” she added.

She informed that the committee will then study the cases pending for 5 to 10 years. The Vigilance Department of the MCD has a total number of 2147 pending cases.