After asking their preference for marriage, matrimonial site has revealed that 60 percent of people from north and south India chose 'caste no bar' and 'community doesn’t matter' in their partner search category.

While 52 percent north Indian men were open to the idea of tying the knot with south Indian women, 61.73 percent men from down south wanted a life partner from the north.

As far as the idea of relocating was concerned women from the south were not keen on going up north but it was not so in the case of north Indian women.

"This survey indicates that both men and women from the North and South India give importance to education, occupation and the state of residence. The poll is part of the constant research that conducts in its attempt to gauge the preferences of its members," Gourav Rakshit, chief operating Officer, said in a statement.

Education and work played a vital role in choosing the right life partner. Most men from north preferred marrying an educated woman, but ironically did not prefer a working woman and 94 percent men from Gurgaon said that they want a housewife.

As opposed to north Indian men, 67.84 percent men from south responded to the survey by expressing their desire to marry an educated woman who is working.


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