Raiganj (JPN/Bureau): Archaeological remains dating back to the Pal Era were discovered in Itahar of north Dinajpur during the expansion of national highway. 

The locals, who had a glimpse of Indian past, have demanded for the planned conservation of the archaeological remains. Meanwhile, the reports of the unearthed remains have caught the attention of historians and archaeologists who have started visiting the site.

District Magistrate of north Dinajpur has said that arrangements would be made to conserve the remains. Several such remains are being discovered in the villages of Jaihaat and Aamati of Itahar. The locals, however, have complained that the remains have been ignored, despite having its archaeological significance.

According to the sources, the work of widening of the existing national highway is going on in the area, which requires digging the soil. During the digging, several archaeological remains of Pal Era were unearthed.

Historians claim the remains attest that the glory of this settlement belonged to the Pal period, which is said to be ruled by Rampal between 7th to 10thcentury. However, historians hold different opinions on the existence of Pals here.

“Ramavati’s name got converted to Aamati. It used to be the capital of Gaur,” said he.

Member of West Bengal Heritage Commission, Vrindavan Das demanded for immediate protection of the remains claiming them to be the treasure trove of historical past.