"You must live life to fullest, enjoy it in its totality, take each day as it comes, face all challenges it poses with renewed vigor. This is the secret to remain young forever," was his mantra to cope with the intricacies of life. He had an inexhaustible energy around him and could proudly count James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Heath Ledger among his contemporaries. At 88, he lived thrice as long as all of them.  Inspired by his childhood idol Gregory Peck, Dev Anand defined India fashion during the 1950s and 1960s with his patent mufflers, jackets, scarves and of course, his puff.

With a career spanning for 65 years, Dev Anand’s film graph constitutes his passion for acting and film making. He was a quintessential romantic actor for almost 4 decades thus, earning him the tag of Evergreen Superstar. His famous movies includes – ‘Guide’ which is still considered as one of the masterpieces, ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ dealt with problems drug addictions, ‘Hum Dono’ in which Dev Anand played a double role and the movie was re-released in colour after 50 years. Other movies like ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Kala Pani’, ‘Jewel Thief’, were a major hit at the box office.

Dev Anand said in one of his last interviews, when the anchor mentioned about his never-say-die attitude, he said, “You call it spirit, I call it Dev Anand. This is my personality.”  His famous song ‘Abhi na jao chodd kar Ke dil abhi bhara nahi’ truly encapsulates the feelings of his fans.


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