Gurgaon: Panic gripped people and the local administration for over an hour after a remote-controlled electronic device (equipment used in detonating bombs) was found in the basement of the Sahara Mall here on Monday.

The security agencies soon took over all the preventive measures, including pressing in services of a dog squad to scan the mall. The police and people heaved a sigh of relief after it was ascertained there was nothing amiss.

However, the police are investigating whether the device found was in any way related to the Delhi High Court blast case. They are also not ruling out the chances that someone must have done it purposely to spread panic.

Earlier, around 3:19 pm, Suresh, a security guard deployed in the basement, spotted a device with a remote. Displaying his alertness, he immediately informed Atul Sharma, the security in-charge, who informed the police control room.

Acting aptly, Jagdish Prasad, SHO, DLF, reached the spot with his team and called the bomb squad.

After having a minute inspection of the mall till 5PM, it was confirmed that the device found was no way related to any attempt of sabotage.

(JPN/ Bureau)