London: A Japanese restaurant has brought an innovative method to deliver food to its customers - hurtling meals towards them on what it claims is the world's first flying tray.

The remote-controlled flying tray dubbed the iTray can deliver food at speeds of up to 25mph.

It is a lightweight, carbon fibre gadget and has a range of 50 metres, reported a news channel.

The waiter and waitresses at YO! Sushi use an iPad app to guide the platter through the air, while kitchen staff can check that the food is delivered by watching real-time video feeds from two on-board cameras.

The restaurant chain - credited with bringing the kaiten conveyor belt to the UK - has already trialled a number of innovative ideas since it was launched in 1997.

Speaking robot drinks trolleys, self-heating plates and video game toilets have been some other innovations that have been used by the chain at its 64 UK stores.


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