The all-popular SUV Duster, from the house of Renault has been a major game changer ever since it was launched. It has thrown an option of owning an affordable SUV open as cars of this segment are usually considered to be pretty expensive. Noticing the uphill progress of Duster, Nissan has decided to play along as well by launching Terrano. It’s being said that both cars are pretty similar to each other yet, differences does exist. Let’s have a look.

1.    Exteriors of Duster and Terrano


Duster’s overall styling is pretty muscular and if we take a note certain features of the car like the heavy frontal built or the oversized wheel and compact rear, this SUV oozes a masculine appeal of sorts. Everything appears picture perfect but usage of chromes at certain places irons the aggression to a certain extent.


Talking about Terrano, the company has done a good job in making the SUV look appealing. Taking a closer look will reveal more details related to the panels of the car’s body, which are new. Besides, the three phased grille along with the thin and angular headlamps gives it a classy look. The side profile appears much similar to that of Duster but the rear built comes into play to make it look distinct.

2.    Interiors and features of Duster and Terrano


The interiors of Duster are pretty decent as well and though the cabin is quite spacious, the driver’s seat tends to move back and forth under the impact of braking. Also, the finish on central arm rests does not look that impressive but the quality is definitely, one can rely on.


One glance at the interior of Teranno makes it appear as similar as Duster but certain changes are indeed there. Teranno sports air vents which are rectangular and aligned along with chrome garnish. The artificial wood on the door trim has been given a darker grey shade which makes it appear quite classy. The steering also looks same to that of Duster and one gets no audio controls, which may disappoint tech-crazy car lovers. Overall, be it seats or aircon vents on rear, it’s almost same.

3.    Power, handling, ride quality and NVH of Duster and Terrano


Renault Duster gives you the option to choose from 1.6-litre petrol engine and 1.5-litre diesel. The petrol engine produces 104 PS and the diesel variant delivers two options – one with the capacity to generate 85 PS/200 Nm and 110 PS/248 Nm. The engine gives good torque with less lags and the 110 PS variant has a six speed transmission. At the same time, the diesel variant is pretty fuel efficient and gives mileage of 15.9 kmpl.

Ride quality has always been Duster’s prominent feature and it can handle poorly constructed Indian roads easily. The car can be handled with ease aided by electronic power steering and the car also scores decently on noise, vibration and harshness factor.


Terrano returns with a decent impression on noise, vibration and harshness factor and the noise drops down considerably once the doors get closed. It could be one of the major reasons behind the redesigning of the car’s doors so that it can lessen the noise.

Dealer network and prices of Duster and Teranno

Nissan has close to 100 dealers and service centers mentioned on the website and Renault has 120 plus dealerships and service centers listed on their website.

Duster has been priced at Rs 7.69 lakh and the top end model costs Rs 11.49 lakh. The Terrano is expected to cost around Rs 50-70,000 higher than Duster.