The company, which would launch its used car business and captive financing arm shortly, has also planned to double sales and service network as part of the strategy.
"Normally, when you (car manufacturer) come to India, you spend at least one decade so that there is your car available in market and then you launch your used car programme.
"What we have in our strategy is that we make sure that we have a strong used car programme right from the beginning," Renault India Country Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Sumit Sawhney told reporters here.
Elaborating further, he said: "Renault as a brand today has about 1.60 lakh cars on Indian road, but it is very important that we meet the requirements of people who come to our showrooms.
"One of the key ingredient for an expansion is that you need to give one-stop solutions. Renault finance will help customers to finance. It is a captive NBFC (non-banking finance company). And one of the key requirements, what we are seeing in growing trends is that customer wants 360 degree solutions.
"We take care of their existing cars, we give you brand new cars, we take care of your insurance, we take care of your (vehicle) registration. We give you one-stop shop solution. That is the whole intention....", he said.
On sales and service network, Sawhney said the company has at present about 157 outlets which would be increased to over 280 outlets. "Service outlet alone will be increased to over 300 plus", he said.
Sawhney and senior company officials were here to launch the company's latest 'MPV (multipurpose vehicle) Lodgy' aimed to be second volume driver for the company after the successful Sports Utility Vehicle "Duster".