Ralegan Siddhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Friday lashed out at the UPA government for arresting him before his fast and asked people not to allow the torch of the second "battle of independence" to be extinguished as more ‘repeated shocks’ can only ensure a corruption-free India.
"This government consists of a mob of 'labaad' (cunning) people. They did not allow me to fast and issued prohibitory orders at all the maidans in Delhi. When they gave permission for the J P Park, there were a lot of pre-conditions," Hazare told the gram sabha of his village at a public felicitation.
The success of his recent agitation, he said, proved that the government had to bowed down to people's wishes.
"We have to give such repeated shocks to ensure there is a corruption-free India," he said. Hazare urged the people, especially the youth not to allow the torch of second ‘battle of independence’ to be extinguished.

After 64 years of independence from the British rule, nothing has changed in this country. The whites have been replaced by black. Loot, corruption and terrorism are rampant.

“What have we achieved," he asked.
"I was picked up by Delhi Police from the house I was staying in. When I asked the reason for my arrest, I was told that I may breach public peace.  However, in two hours, I was told that I am being released. Two hours ago, the police feared I may spoil the peace in the society. The police said they had orders from above," Hazare said and described Union Home Minister P Chidambaram as a ‘khodsal’ (mischievous) person.

Team Anna 'conspired' against me: Agnivesh

Activist Swami Agnivesh, a prominent associate of Anna Hazare, on Friday accused certain members of Team Anna of ‘conspiring’ against him and said because of this he decided to go his way.

"Why did they circulate the CD (in which he is purportedly telling a Union Minister that government need to act tough with Hazare) on Sunday (August 28) when they had it three days in advance. The timing was interesting. They released it just after the fast ended," Agnivesh said.

Asked who all were behind it, he shot back "my colleagues conspired against me. I supported them but they betrayed me... those associated with the movement, who else?"

Terming the circulation of the controversial video as ‘deliberate’, he alleged the ‘vicious’ campaign was to ‘destroy’ his credibility.
He said Team Anna did not even think it important to talk to him and find out about the controversial CD where he is purportedly telling a Union Minister that government need to act tough with the fasting Gandhian.
Agnivesh had earlier claimed the video footage was ‘doctored and concocted’ and part of a ‘smear’ campaign against him and denied he was talking to Union Minister Kapil Sibal.
Arvind Kejriwal, a key member of Team Anna, did not respond to a request for a reaction to Agnivesh's comments.
Maintaining that he has not done anything wrong and "if someone shows me where I have gone wrong, I will apologise to Anna", Agnivesh said "I have great respect for him."