London: To cherish the feel of Royal wedding, a replica of Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton's wedding dress, created by designers Michelle and Henry Roth, is set to hit the stores.

Catherine's dress was kept safely under wraps until the royal wedding on Friday.

According to reports, Roths had begun making detailed sketches for a replica just after the wedding ceremony.

According to media reports, "Kate's dress is a serious game-changer and the Roths are determined to have the perfect couture gown, inspired by Middleton's, available immediately".

The designers have been busy working on every detail of their ‘Kate Dress’ and have examined every detail of the original. Even they visited New York's Garment District to find the perfect fabric and soon had women waiting breathlessly for their chance to try on the creation.

New York fashion house Faviana is also attempting to cash in on the interest in Middleton's dress, introducing a gown named ‘Princess Kate’.

The dress, made of satin with chiffon French lace, is now ready for production and is available in two shades.