The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has issued fresh instructions to secretaries of all central government departments, chief secretaries of states and union territories administrators and asked them to sensitise all officers under them on official dealings with the MPs.

The move comes following recommendations from a 'Committee on Violation of Protocol Norms and Contemptuous Behaviour of Government Officers with Members of Lok Sabha'.

The Committee in its first sitting held on October 28, 2014, felt that the consolidated instructions or guidelines issued by the DoPT in 2011, on official dealing between administration and Members of Parliament need to be again circulated to all concerned executive functionaries.

"Communications received from a Member of Parliament should be attended to promptly," said the DoPT guidelines.

Information sought by a Member of Parliament should be supplied unless it is of such a nature that it would have been denied to him, if similar information had been sought in Parliament.

"While corresponding with Members of Parliament, it should be ensured that the letter is legible. Pre-printed or cyclostyled replies should be scrupulously avoided," the guidelines issued in 2011 said.

Every member of the central civil service shall in the discharge of his duties act in a courteous manner and shall not adopt dilatory tactics in his dealings with the public or otherwise, it said.

"Government servants should show courtesy and consideration to Members of Parliament and State Legislatures," the guidelines read.

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