Los Angeles: Oscar-award-winner Nicole Kidman is reportedly in talks to play another Oscar-winning actress on screen, the beautiful Grace Kelly in upcoming film ‘Grace of Monaco’.

Variety first broke the news Thursday, reporting that Kidman is in talks with director Olivier Dahan and producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam to star in Grace of Monaco.

The film, which is written by Arash Amel, is being independently financed by Le Pogam, who is spending $15 million to make it.

Le Pogam first acquired Amel’s script last October. At that point, the film was immediately being compared to 2010’s The King’s Speech, which won the Best Picture Oscar.

According to The BBC, Amel’s script was on the 2011 Black List, which lists the top scripts floating around Hollywood.

The film is not a biopic and instead focuses on a six month period in 1962 when the city-state got into a heated dispute with France. Kelly, still relatively new in her role as princess, worked behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup. Kidman has been nominated for three Oscars for Best Actress, winning for 2002’s The Hours.

Dahan is best known for directing La vie en rose, a biopic on the life of singer Edith Piaf. Marion Cotillard won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Piaf.