After a month of a series of primary elections which began with Iowa caucus on February 1, Trump to the surprise of political pundits and to the shock of the established party leadership has emerged as the presidential frontrunner.

His rallies across the country have drawn thousands of people many more times than the other party candidates.

After Super Tuesday, Trump has 319 delegates with him, as against his rivals: Tea Party favourite Ted Cruz (226), and Marco Rubio (110) who is an establishment favourite.

To become the party's Presidential nominee, Trump needs 1,237 of total 2,472 delegates who would be elected during the Republican presidential primaries and caucus in all 50 states.

Trump now needs 918 delegates, which many political experts believe is doable given his national popularity.

Mainstream media yesterday reported that the top Republican leadership is opposed to the idea of billionaire Trump becoming their presidential nominee given his lead and popularity across the country.

Four states – Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine – go to polls on Saturday and Trump is leading in three of them, where victory would bring him a step closer to earning his party's presidential nomination.

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