With questions over the body’s relevance being raised of late, the ruling NDA government’s stand on the issue assumes significance as it may see an end to Planning Commission’s role in financial and economic sector.

During an interaction with the media on Friday, BJP spokesperson and former Union minister Shahnawaz Hussain did not present any straight answer.

Playing safe, he said, “Institutions are of two types, one that functions and another that creates impediment. The government will decide on the rest.”

“The way Planning Commission puts those who earn more than Rs 26 above poverty line, even the people started raising questions over the creditability of plan panel,” Hussain added.

Besides, former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday also favoured downsizing of the Planning Commission amid reports that Narendra Modi government is likely to dismantle or at least drastically reduce the over-arching role of the plan panel.
"My personal view is that the Planning Commission should be a much more limited body tasked with drawing up prospective plans. At the moment it is too big, flabby and unwieldy," Chidambaram said.
He made the remarks while responding to a question about the new government's plan to prune the Planning Commission.

Though there has been no official word yet on dissolving Planning Commission, it’s being said that deliberations are going on over the issue.

According to sources, even if the plan panel is not completely dismantled in the days to come, it will be reconstituted for sure.

It may be noted that the BJP has kept on raising questions over the Planning Commission’s modus operandi from time to time.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself raised questions over ceertain roles of the Planning Commission.

In such a scenario, it’s being said that even if the plan body continues to exist, its structure may undergo a major overhaul.


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