Wildlife SOS said they have been approached by US-based movie producers Vijay Amritraj and Larry Brezner for a movie on the efforts of the NGO to rescue Raju the elephant and the battle they fought to free him.

Raju was rescued recently in Allahabad by Wildlife SOS after 50 long years in captivity in an all-night operation with the support of Wildlife SOS volunteers from UK and USA.

The gentle giant made headlines when he appeared to be shedding tears while being freed of his chains after 50 years. He has joined five female elephants at the NGO's Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in India.

"Wildlife SOS co-founders Geeta and Kartick were approached by US-based movie producers Amritraj and Brezner to create a film on the efforts of the NGO to rescue Raju and the battle they fought to make his freedom a reality. Raju is currently recuperating at the Wildlife SOS care centre at Mathura while the NGO is fighting a legal battle to ensure his long-term care," the NGO said in a release.

"Our efforts to rescue Raju, if made into a film, will be a game changer for the future of elephants in India. Elephants are abused and often exploited in inhuman conditions. We hope that this will help us create more awareness about the pain that elephants undergo in India," said Geeta Seshamani, Wildlife SOS co-founder.

The release quoted Amritraj as saying that he loved Raju's story and cannot wait to start shooting for the movie.

"We love the story of Raju and can't wait to start making this movie. It will focus on how the founders of Wildlife SOS Geeta and Kartick rescued Raju and the challenges they faced in doing that.”

The NGO said that the film, when made, "would also highlight how Wildlife SOS supporters, volunteers and staff from all over the world played a role to drum up support for Raju."

Brezner said that the story of Raju's rescue was an inspiring one and would certainly receive international attention.

"Our aim is to partner with the founders of Wildlife SOS and ensure the true story and hardships faced by them when they rescued Raju and the legal battle that ensued is brought to light," he said.

Raju is at the centre of a bitter legal battle as his former custodian, who used him to beg money from tourists, has launched a bid to reclaim him, the NGO said.

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