New Delhi: Not long ago they were into the 'dirty job' of manual scavenging in Rajasthan, but now the two rescued and rehabilitated women are imparting lessons on the vital role played by women in sanitation at World Water Forum in the French capital of Paris.

The liberated manual scavengers -- Usha Chaumar and Guddi Athwal -- are now attending special sessions and ministerial round table discussions at the high-level conference at Marseille.

The women went to Paris by leading sanitation NGO, Sulabh International, to interact with the world's experts of water and sanitation who have gathered at Marseille city.

“We found it extremely humiliating, but there was no choice as we had been doing this work for years and upper caste people insisted that we were only good for this," Usha recalled.

"Now my life has been transformed and today I am busy attending the world meet," she says.

Sulabh chief Dr Bindeshwar Pathak said the World Water Forum had invited both of them from Alwar to Marseille so that they can tell the world about the change in lives of hundreds of women from pain and suffering into renewed hope.