Chandigarh: Contrary to the recent report of the Punjab government and investigating agencies claiming uranium as a potent reason for growing cases of cancer in Malwan, a finding of X-ray fluorescence Research Group of Punjab University has categorically disapproved the claim.

The university has submitted its report to the High Court. The High Court has also taken cognizance of the reports of X-ray fluorescence Research Group which mentioned that the level of underground water has risen to a dangerous level as farmers use canal water for agriculture and drinking. The court has sent a notice to the Punjab government in this connection.

According to the report, the government has been propagating that the reason behind increased rate of defective birth or abnormalities among children is uranium, which is not true. The report claimed these cases are congenital.

The research group has also dismissed the government report which said that uranium in underground water has been caused by Bathinda Thermal Plant or by using fertilizers and pesticides.

Experts say uranium is naturally present in underground water and in Malwan it is less even from the safe standard set by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.