In the first step towards the general understanding of ecosystems on land, the research shows that the climate combined with the body size of the herbivores is crucial for how the tundra’s ecosystem works.

According to sources, the researchers have evidence that temperature is of decisive importance for which elements form part of the food chain, thus permitting them to predict how climate changes may impact whole food chains – and not just the conditions for the individual species.

The researchers can get a better understanding of how the food web as a whole is impacted by understanding how temperature affects wildlife in the Arctic. For instance, predator-prey relationships are important factor in the regulation of energy flow through a food web, the researchers said. Temperature regulates which organisms interact with one another, thus regulating their function in the overall ecosystem.

The research is reportedly the latest in an analysis of temperature on food-web systems in a variety of climates. A similar study has been conducted in the African savanna.


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