Doppio is a reconfigurable smartwatch with dual touchscreens, one of which detaches from the wrist-bound screen and can be stuck above or to the side.
"The orientation of the top relative to the base and how the top is attached to the base create a very large interaction space," said Xing-Dong Yang, an assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth College in the US.

Using a passive prototype, researchers conducted an exploratory study to probe how people might use this style of smartwatch interaction.
With an instrumented prototype, they conducted a controlled experiment to evaluate the transition times between configurations and subjective preferences.
They used the combined results of these two studies to generate a set of characteristics and design considerations for applying this interaction space to smartwatch applications.
"Our proof-of-concept hardware prototype demonstrates how Doppio interactions can be used for notifications, private viewing, task switching, temporary information access, application launching, application modes, input and sharing the top," Yang said.