Lucknow: The political fervour in state has geared up ahead of the Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh after Chief Minister Mayawati demanded reservation for Muslims in government job.

Putting the ball into the UPA court, the BSP supremo has written to the Prime Minister to amend the Constitution if required to provide reservation for the Muslims on the basis of their population.

However, the Congress and SP have termed Mayawati’s action as a political gimmick.

In a counter attack on Mayawati, the Congress said that providing reservation to Muslims does not require amendment in the Constitution and is Mayawati really interested in welfare of Muslims she could provide them quota within the 27 and 22.5 percent quota earmarked for OBCs and SC/STs, respectively.

In addition, the Congress has declared a series of pro-Muslim policies to woo the minority class.

Indeed, the Muslim population plays the role of a game changer as nearly a third of the 403 seats are dominated by Muslims. Atleast 20 to 22 percent population in 20 districts of the state comprises of Muslims.

With her demand for reservation for Muslims, the UP CM has killed two birds with one stone. Besides creating a Dalit-Muslim combination, it has played the role of a game-spoiler for the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress involved in luring the Muslim votebank.

Meanwhile, SP leader and former Education Minister Dr Masood accused the BSP government of insulting the Muslims.

He said, “The Chief Minister must honestly answer to how many Muslims did she provide jobs? Only Mulayam Singh has been waging a war for their rights. He provided jobs in police and PAC and honoured Urdu.”

He added that now the Muslims cannot be persuaded easily.

Even the Bharatiya Janata Party is not far behind in presenting a secular image in the state. Besides organising Muslim Swabhiman Sammelan to boost their image, it has been trimming its issues which may not go down well with the Muslims.

Going with the flow, BJP firebrand Uma Baharti has also supported the demand for Muslim reservation.