Patna: Earlier, there was no provision for transferring reserved railway ticket to any other person. Now, in a major step, Indian Railways has decided to adopt flexible approach and let any person transfer his/her reserved ticket to other person. If a person drops the travel plan, the family members can now travel on behalf of his/her.

To avail the facility, the transfer request will be processed at railway reservation counter 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train. However, it has been mentioned that the tickets can only be transferred to the family members having blood relations.
According to the directions released by Railway Board, the facility can be availed by father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter and spouse.


- The government servant who is due to travel for official purpose and suddenly other employee from the office is required to travel on behalf of him. The transfer request should be put in 24 hours in advance.

- In a situation where school/college trip is planned. The head can put in transfer request of students 48 hours in advance.

- Names can transferred on wedding trip. The request should be given 48 hours in advance.

- Name of NCC cadets can be transferred but the number of transfer request should not exceed more than ten percent of the cadets. The facility can be availed 24 hours before the departure of trains.


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