Addressing the Asian African Summit 2015 here, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj called for UN reforms and cohesive action for a new world order.
She said the rise of extremist violence and terrorism has been one of the most disturbing security phenomena and several parts of the two continents are victim to a medley of terrorist groups.
"The ISIS has emerged as a cause of grave concern in the last year. We must be resolute in countering this scourge that challenges our civilisation," she said. The External Affairs Minister, who is nursing a leg injury delivered her speech sitting at her place.

She raised the issue of maritime security saying threat of piracy remains despite action in Malacca Straits and the Gulf of Aden.

"We have worked together to combat piracy in the Malacca Straits and the Gulf of Aden, yet the threat remains due to political instability, poverty and lack of development in parts of our region.
"The Indian Ocean's importance as an active trade route will grow in the future. As we embark upon the concept of Blue Economy as a new pillar of development, it becomes even more important to secure our seas," she said.
Recalling the spirit of historical Bandung conference of  1955, she said, "The Bandung spirit for a just and equitable order continues. Asia and Africa are both in consonance to reorder international institutions and reform the UN and its Security Council as also other institutions, where our voices are not being heard. We need more cohesive action on this and  India is ready to play its due role in the new world order".

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