Kolkata: With the passing of the resolution in the state Assembly for renaming West Bengal, , the state moved a step closer to being known as ‘Paschimbanga’. The state lawmakers voted unanimously in favour of the name change on Friday, despite some high-profile opposition.

Leader of the House Partha Chatterjee moved the resolution, calling for the change in name of the state to Paschimbanga in English. Under Rule 169 of the Assembly, the opposition and ruling party members debated on the matter.

During the debate, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that all-party meeting was called earlier to build the consensus on the proposed new name. For this, Committee led by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee and leader of Opposition party Surya Kanta Mishra was constituted. The Committee took consensus from other parties and thus unanimously decided to change the name of the state.

Banerjee said that she believes in going with the decision taken unanimously rather than keeping her choice of name.

While referring to point of change in the name of the state to get administrative advantage, the opposing voices said that even the initial ‘P’ of Paschimbanga would not make any difference. The letter ‘P’ does not give any alphabetical upgrade. The name ‘Paschimbanga’ does not have any historical or social connection with the state. 

Other prominent name changes in recent years include Bombay (now Mumbai), Madras (Chennai) and the West Bengal state capital Calcutta (Kolkata).