Chairing a meeting to review the progress of work being done by various infrastructure ministries and departments, he pitched for expediting electrification of the country, including through solar energy, and integrating the railway as well as coastal networks for development.
The meeting was told that no power plant today faces shortage of coal as issues regarding the fuel supply to the plants have been resolved.
He reviewed the plans for augmenting solar power generation capacity in the country.
At the meeting, the NITI Aayog made a presentation on various infrastructure sectors including power, coal, renewable energy, ports and coastal development, roads, and railways.
Modi said the NITI Aayog should focus on quick resolution of inter-departmental and Centre-state issues to speed up the pace of implementation of infrastructure projects, a PMO statement said.
Referring to his meeting with top international investors during the recent BlackRock India Investor Summit here, the Prime Minister said funds are no longer a constraint for the infrastructure sector.
He directed all concerned departments of the government to work towards creating a holistic framework and environment that will be conducive for investment.
He also instructed the ministries concerned to work in a 'Mission mode' towards achieving electrification of the remaining 20,000 unelectrified villages, in a clearly defined time-frame.

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