Justice AK Ganguly one of the members comprising the bench that passed the orders of cancelling 2G spectrum licenses has quashed all allegations that the decision passed by the Supreme Court in the spectrum allocation was beyond its purview. It is surprising that in spite of widespread irregularities in the spectrum allocation, some people are insisting on the point that the Apex Court should not meddle in the affairs of the Executive. Lending any support to such reasoning will merely arm the Executive with independence to do whatever it wishes. The 2G scam is not the only case where the Executive has misused its power. A similar incident was witnessed when the government tried to appoint a tainted official as the Central Vigilance Commissioner. It is still a puzzle that the government which accepted its mistake in appointing PJ Thomas as CVC is why unwilling to offer such gesture in case of the 2G spectrum allocation? Unfortunately, the representatives and spokespersons of the government are unnecessarily trying to prove that the then Telecom Minister A Raja is solely responsible for all the irregularities in the allocation of 2G licences and the government had no role to play in it. This is a strange interpretation of the Apex Courts judgment and also an attempt to misguide the people. And most probably because of this, Justice Ganguly had to term the 2G scam as a result of government’s failure. If the UPA government does not take the responsibility for Raja’s misdeeds, then who else is responsible for this?

There is hardly any strength to the defense put up by UPA spokespersons that the Court has not held the government responsible for the scam. If the Court has not held the government responsible then it has neither spoken in favour of it. Since the scam came to light the government has been shielding Raja to the extent that it tried to dismiss the CAG report on 2G. The Centre is therefore left with no ground to say that the court’s order does not affect its reputation. No matter how the government presents the court’s order in front of the people, it will achieve nothing out of it. This will further dent their image. The government should realize that one who faces the truth and accepts its mistakes may be pardoned but one who is not willing to do so will face the consequences. If the government is concerned about its image then it should stop distorting the court’s order.