There should be no qualm over the Congress’ claim that kudos should go to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi for putting an end to Anna Hazare’s fast unto death for Jan Lokpal Bill. Showing her senses to the gravity of ground swelling, Sonia Gandhi acquiesced to Hazare’s demand appealing him to call off agitation which got support from the people of different parts of India. The moot point is that the Congress-led ruling dispensation could not show its keenness to the waves of feelings of people who have elected them and made sovereign power under the democratic establishment. After Hazare took resort to fast unto death at Jantar Mantar, Congress spokespersons and its ministers of Cabinet rank said in chorus that Hazare’s decision to go for stir was hasty and his demand was not legitimate. Despite Sonia’s concern and sensitiveness towards Anna Hazare’s movement, why did the ruling party show its resistance? They should not shy away from accepting the fact the National Advisory Council, under the stewardship of Sonia Gandhi, had dubbed the Lokpal Bill’s draft made by the government weak and ineffective. It would have been better had the government taken cognizance before the Anna movement reached crescendo.

The government could recognize potential of the movement when a vast support to Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption poured in from length and breadth of the country. Has the government developed habit of deliverance only after pressure is mounted by public? Or, it does not have feelings for public sentiments and ambitions, the nation wants to know. It sounds bizarre that the government claims for its earnest approach to Lokpal Bill could only heed its high proclamation after Hazare put an end to his stir. Needless to say, the Central government did not take notice to Lokpal Bill during its first stint. After its image plummeted owing to spate of scams and scandals, the UPA-II government budged to Lokpal Bill. Its logic finds no merit that Lokpal Bill could not be passed owing to non-helping attitude of the Opposition; for the government never took honest bid to pass the effective Lokpal Bill. Whatever claims may be, the people of country have witnessed the kneeling down of the government before the Anna Hazare’s agitation for Lokpal Bill.