So by retaining Varanasi seat, Modi is shrewdly setting up another political masterstroke to win assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

It was only due to the support received from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) under the potent leadership of Modi was able to create history by becoming the only second party to make government at the Centre with a clear majority.

Out of the 120 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar and UP combined, the NDA had won a very impressive 105 seats.

The dream to make ‘India free from Congress’ has ostensibly originated from these two states only.

The states of UP and Bihar are of utmost importance for Modi, who has been asking people to give him ten years at the helm. Moreover, assembly elections are scheduled to take place in Bihar next year.

Therefore, in order to cash-in on the Modi wave in the region that was built in the recently-concluded general elections, it is important for the Prime Minister to stay in touch with Varanasi.

Former BJP general secretary Vindhyavasini Kumar says whatever transpires in Varanasi, its effects can be felt in the Purvanchal and Bihar regions as well.

‘Backward caste’ card bears fruit

The Lok Sabha election results give good reason for Modi’s decision to contest election from the Varanasi. His ‘backward caste’ card paid rich dividends in the Purvanchal region.

He led BJP to a one-sided win in Purvanchal while at the same time shattering BSP and SP’s hegemony over the Backward and Extremely Backward Classes.

It was only due to the Modi tsunami that SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav could barely save his reputation by winning the Azamgarh seat.

The Modi tsunami is also credited for demolishing BSP in Uttar Pradesh as the Mayawati-led party could not muster a single seat in the general elections.

It’s quite palpable that Modi would not disappoint Varanasi after receiving an overwhelming support from the spiritual city.
Former legislator Swatantra Dev Singh says the presence of Modi has broken the shackles of caste politics in the region and it has tremendously benefited BJP.     

Agenda of ‘Clean Ganga’ to further strengthen BJP’s prospects in region

The decision to retain Varanasi seat by Modi will also facilitate the chances of success of his dream project ‘Clean Ganga’.

If the Ganga agenda is successfully implemented by Modi, its positive effects could be witnessed from Uttarakhand to West Bengal.

Therefore, Modi has made a separate ministry for cleaning the Ganga River and appointed a belligerent leader like Uma Bharti in charge of it.

The Ganga campaign does not only affect the religious sentiments of the people here but through it, Modi can also look to gain support of communities whose day to day lives are dependent on the holy river.

Therefore, despite winning from a lesser margin than Vadodara, Modi has given preference to serving Goddess Ganga by retaining Varanasi seat.


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