A three-member delegation comprising Ashok Vajpeyi (poet), Vivan Sundaram (painter) and Om Thanvi (journalist) had called on the President on Wednesday and submitted a memorandum on behalf of writers, artists, scientists and academics.
They sought his intervention to persuade the Central and state governments to ensure tolerance, freedom of expression and mutual cooperation, the release said.
"The President expressed the view that 'award-vapasi' is a way of protest and it has been evidently spontaneous. He feels that the reason India has survived, though many more ancient civilisations have disappeared, is due to its pluralism over millenia,” the President was quoted as having told the three-member delegation.
"The recent protests by writers, artists, scientists and academics have made the issue of intolerance a matter of nation-wide debate," the President was quoted.
The delegation thanked the President for speaking repeatedly against growing intolerance and also requested him 'as the head of the nation' to do all that is possible to advise and persuade states and Central governments, political parties and all others to act decisively to end the incidents of intolerance.

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