New Delhi/Bhubaneshwar, Jan 18 (Agencies): Questioning the government's "reluctance" to reveal the identity of those who have stashed black money in Swiss banks, the BJP on Tuesday said it will raise doubts about the integrity of people at the helm and demanded that the names be made public immediately.

"What is the problem and reluctance in the Congress in revealing the names. Why this dogged refusal to reveal the names of those who have accounts abroad.... The country has a right to know and expects the names to be made public," BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

Party President Nitin Gadkari said instead of trying to suppress facts, the government should publicise the names particularly after the WikiLeaks report on the matter.

"UPA Government should, without any hesitation, make public names of all those who have stashed black money in Swiss Bank accounts," he said in Bhubaneshwar.

The BJP has raised the pitch on the issue after the Supreme Court questioned the government for keeping under wraps the names of individuals who have stashed blackmoney in foreign banks and and whistleblower website WikiLeaks said that a former Swiss banker had given it details of 2,000 such account holders from US, Britain and Asia which it will release.

Senior BJP leader L K Advani hoped that the "Supreme Court will take necessary steps and make it obligatory for the government to bring the country's money back."

Claiming that about Rs 21 lakh thousand crore had been deposited in Swiss banks, Gadkari said, "Any reluctance in declaring the names of Swiss bank account holders will simply raise doubts about the integrity of people at the helm."

Asked what if names of BJP leaders may appear in the list, Gadkari said action must be taken without any discrimination.

Claiming to have Swiss Bank account numbers of three persons in the Bofors pay-off case, the BJP chief said a lot of information including alleged transfer of money to Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi's account came to light after Income Tax Appellate Tribunal order.

Prasad said "the government's argument that it can reveal the names to the Supreme Court but not to the public due to double taxation is baseless.

"LGT Bank had told all names to Germany and their government had said it is ready to give these names," the BJP spokesperson said in New Delhi.

The principal opposition cited the example of Hasan Ali, a businessman from Pune. Prasad said Ali had shown an income of Rs 30 Lakh but made profits worth Rs 36,000 crore.

"The Swiss banks had then said that if Hasan Ali is involved in money-laundering it will reveal the details. But the government kept quiet," Prasad alleged.

Prasad demanded that the government be "proactive if its intentions are correct".

Asked what the BJP-led NDA regime had done in this regard when it was in power, Prasad said, "We had taken steps then but that is not relevant now... We have been out of power for nearly seven years." He maintained that the UPA government had to take appropriate action in this regard.