London: A new book advising women on the 101 ways they can torture their husbands has been released by an award-winning radio broadcaster.

The book, '101 Ways to Torture Your Husband', by author Maria Garcia-Kalb, talks of the clever tactics women can employ to make their husbands beg for mercy, reports a major newspaper. Some of the top tips include 'repeatedly asking him if you are fat' while in underwear and showing off the most unflattering parts of your body, or 'faking it and telling him you did' just to keep his ego in check.

The other advices she gave were, 'sign him up for dance class', 'treat him to a massage with a male masseuse', 'send him on a hellish supermarket trip', 'volunteer him for the school field trip', and 'refer to yourself only in third person.' She further writes that the one way you can really get at your husband is to 'finally open up to his family' by telling his mother you don't like her cooking or showing his grandmother the naughty tattoo on your bottom.

If that is not enough, a women can always ruin her husband's day by saying 'we need to talk' just before he leaves for work in the morning so he's left wondering all day what he'll face when he gets home. The book also says that wives who want to push their husbands to the edge can also bribe them with sex then fail to pay up, or they can kick it up a notch by wearing racy underwear in bed but sleeping all night long.


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