Below are some of the fitness tips we have compiled from his interviews.

Go ahead and get the fitness levels of the new Master Blaster:

Virat’s diet

Virat is particular about eating a heavy diet but only as much as he can burn.

He makes sure to include protein-rich food like lamb chops, etc. in his diet.

He eats a light dinner which usually includes protein shakes and items rich in carbohydrates.

He totally avoids eating junk food.

He drinks mineral water and makes sure he is hydrated at all times. This practice helps him in keeping illnesses away.

Virat’s workout plan

Virat hits the gym five times in a week and is pretty serious about the regularity of his routine.

He ensures making up for a cheat day, if there is any.

His gym routine mainly consists of: Cardio and weight exercises.

For Virat, rest is a very important factor for proper rebuilding and repair of the body. As a result, he skips going to gym for two days every week.

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