The facebook-owned chatting application WhatsApp has registered a bulk of loyal users. But have you ever wondered what makes this app different from the plenty others chatting applications.

To sink into the details which that led to the glory of this app, here we list out few of the reasons which we think could be the possible ones.

It's FREE!

The freebies attract everybody and when the application is loaded with such amazing features which are easy to navigate, then who would love to switch on to any other app.

No Ads
Yes! Unlike others, WhatsApp is totally ads free which makes it hassle free for the users to operate and communicate.

Secure database
The inhibitions that a user may face while using other social media apps are totally absent in case of WhatsApp. This safe to use app has definitely won the trust of its users through its secure database. For the same reason, the app is being used on professional levels as well.

Adding the contacts
Adding the contacts on the application too is one of the most tedious job. WhatsApp since its beginning, has relieved you of this job of syncing every single contact manually. The super app does it all by itself.

Data consumption
No matter how many people you chat with, WhatsApp consumes much less data and still does not lag in its efficiency. The app provides maximum usage on minimum data consumption.

The calling feature
After setting its foot strong in the field of messaging, WhatsApp expanded its features into the calling section, thus making it all the more desirable.

The perfect package
Equipped with features like calling, customization, attractive emoticons and safety options, this chatting app is a complete package in itself. What else does a user want?


Vasavi Dhir/JPN