Washington: Telling lies to doctors could lead to serious health problems, a study has claimed.

According to a study conducted with the Cleveland Clinic, 28 percent patients said that they ‘lie or omit facts’ when they visit their health care providers.

Meanwhile, 77 percent of doctors felt that 25 percent of their patients knowingly leave out facts or just lie to them. Twenty-eight percent of doctors estimated that at least 50 percent of their patients leave out facts or lie.

Studies have explained that they lie, as they don't want to be judged, they don't want to admit the truth and they don't want a sermon.

CBS News medical contributor Dr Holly Phillips said that seeing doctor makes people really take hold of what they are doing, it makes them look at their own behavior, and they might not want to accept what they are doing at the given time, so they lie a little.

“You often don't want to hear a lecture. I tell my patients, I don't want to lecture you. You know what to do, but it's my job to get you to do it,” she said.

The most dangerous lies involve taking medications and herbal remedies, smoking, drinking, dieting and exercising.


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