While the One Belt and One Road strategy announced by President Xi Jinping has made progress, "at the same time, however, new problems have arisen with the promotion of cross-border cooperation," a local newspaper divulged in an article.

Sri Lanka's newly-elected President Maithripala Sirisena has announced to review a number of mega-projects, including the USD 1.5 billion Chinese project in Colombo harbour.
"Later, Greece's new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' call after appointing his fresh cabinet is to halt its privatisation, including the port sale to China in Piraeus," said the article.
This is first time since the new Sri Lankan government took over, official media here reported problems specially to the Colombo Port City project, key to Maritime Silk Road project in Indian Ocean over which India has reservations.

India expressed reservations after a Chinese submarine docked twice at the harbour, sparking concerns wheather China could use the harbour for military purposes.
Chinese President Xi made the silk road projects – aimed at economic connectivity in Asia -- a priority for China's foreign policy since he took over in March 2013.
Sri Lanka's previous government headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa was the first to extend support to the project followed by the Maldives.
The Sirisena government, however, said it is reviewing whether the Colombo harbour project managers have obtained the requisite environmental clearances.
Observers here believe that the new Sri Lankan government is unlikely to permit the use of the port by China for defence purposes, since it is attaching great importance to improving ties with India.

The new Greek government, too, is reviewing the port project, which could jeopardise big Chinese investments. "When things like this happen, negative views concerning the One Belt and One Road initiative have appeared. Some have even started to discourage it," the article said.
One Belt and One Road is a strategy programmed and implemented in a complicated and constantly evolving international scenario. The article said it is an unprecedented major exploration as well as an attempt to forge a new type of global relations.
"If there is one thing for certain about this exploration, it is that it has too many uncertainties and the process won't be perfect," it said.

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