The outburst by the 88-year-old Bhushan, the party Patron and an eminent lawyer, comes on top of simmering discontent in the party over the way it is run  and complaints by some leaders there was "lack of democracy" at a time when it has to prepare for the assembly elections in Delhi.
"Arvind (Kejriwal) is a great leader and a great campaigner, but in my opinion he lacks organisational ability. He does not have the kind of competence which can spread the message of the party all over India, which can quickly create elected structures of the party which nobody will be able to blame," Bhushan, a former union law minister, said.
"Therefore this delay of two years in getting the elected structures in place is a great handicap. This is resulting in different voices," he said.
Bhushan's attack on Kejriwal, National Convenor, was sought to be downplayed by party leaders Yogendra Yadav and Ashutosh but Shazia Ilmi, another founder leader who had quit the party recently, joined the attack on Kejriwal.
Dissident MLA Vinod Kumar Binny that Kejriwal should resign from the party.  

"He said after the demand by senior leader like Shanti Bhushan, Kejriwal should not stay in the post if he has any sense of dignity left in him," he said.
However, the party has said that it does not agree with the comments made by Bhushan.
"The criticism by Bhushan, who is himself one of the founding members of the party, on this issue is misplaced. The biggest example of internal democracy is the party's decision to contest Lok Sabha elections on a large number of seats, despite opposition from the AAP national convenor, Arvind Kejriwal," the party said.

Delhi BJP takes a dig at Bhushan's remark on Kejriwal
Taking a dig at the remark of AAP patron Shanti Bhushan on party chief Arvind Kejriwal lacking organisational skills, BJP on Wednesday said that it was already aware of this "fact".
"AAP patron Bhushan took years to realize it but the BJP and the country were aware of this fact long ago. This was seen by the people when 96 per cent of Lok Sabha candidates of AAP forfeited their security deposits," Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay said.
Bhushan today said, "Arvind (Kejriwal) is a great leader and a great campaigner, but in my opinion he lacks organisational ability."
Upadhyay also said that before Lok Sabha elections, Kejriwal, who hails from Haryana, claimed of forming a government there, but now AAP does not want to contest elections in that state.
"AAP workers have been fighting among themselves for various posts. This fact has been revealed from the issues raised by 'Aavam', an organization connected with this party. All these things show that the youth connected with AAP have no trust in the ability of Kejriwal to lead the party," the BJP chief added.
Upadhyay also said that it seems that AAP chief on one hand talks about transparency and democracy in the party, but on the other hand, he is not allowing internal democracy in his party.

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