Yes, now it is going to be a reality soon. Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, a Bangalore-based scientist has invented a machine which makes sewage water fit for drinking. Dr Kumar's invention can purify 10,000 litres of sewage water daily. His water-treatment machine, named 'The Boom Tube Resonator', not only makes water drinkable but also produces high-value fertiliser as a by-product. The most salient feature of Dr Kumar's water refining machine is that it does not require any chemicals or microorganisms for water treatment.

His invention is revolutionary in the field of water treatment. Dr Kumar's feat also earned International recognition as he received queries from Doha and Oman to treat 3 lakh litres water per day.

How does it work?
As we know, sewage water is mixed with excreta, urine, soaps or detergents and other impurities. While some of them get dissolved, the rest remain suspended. Electrostatic charge (often negative) keeps water ingredients in motion which causes them to repel each other. Once their charge is neutralised, the particles collide and combine together.

Why is it necessary in India?
According to a study of, over 21% of the country's diseases are water-related and children in over 100 million homes of the country don’t have access to clean water.

According to Wikipedia, out of India's 3,119 towns and cities, only 209 have partial treatment facilities and only 8 have full wastewater treatment facilities. 114 cities dump untreated sewage. Due to low water-treatment capacity, a lot of water is wasted. As per Central Pollution Control Board report, pollution caused by sewage discharged from cities and towns is the primary cause of degradation of our water resources.
We generate 29000 million litres water per day but we have the capacity to treat only 6000 million litres per day. In this regard, Dr Kumar’s The Boom Tube Resonator would prove to be a great boon.

Written By Raju Kumar/JPN

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