Film: Revolver Rani

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Saraswat

Director: Sai Kabir Shrivastav

Story: Set in the hostile territory of Chambal, Revolver Rani is a satirical and unusual love story about Alka Singh (Kangana Ranaut), the leader of a political party, and her obsessive love for Rohan Mehra (Vir Das), a rising star of Bollywood.

After the elections are over in Gwalior, Alka’s opposition, the Tomar party, comes to power. The Tomar party wants to take the advantage of their new found power to take on Alka and destroy her completely. Tomar’s kidnap Rohan from Mumbai and take him back to Gwalior with the aim to kill him. They are about to pull the trigger when Revolver Rani reaches the spot and saves his life.

This film basically revolves around a woman political giant who falls in with a Bollywood actor and then has to protect him from her enemies.

Review: The film’s comic timing is impeccable. Director Sai Kabir has managed to tell the complicated love affair of a woman political goon and a Bollywood star effortlessly.

Revolver Rani is a very authentic satire, littered with dead bodies, love and humour. The film’s plot keeps the audience engaged.

The film proves to be a must watch for Kangana’s exceptional performance as a rebellious political goon. Vir Das, who is playing Kangana’s love interest in the film, has proved his comic timing like never before.

JPN (Courtesy: inext live)

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