Have you ever thought how some women look ravishing in every outfit they don? This is because they choose dresses according to their skin tone. When it comes to choosing an outfit, your skin tone plays a pivotal role.

Wearing colors that just don’t flatter will make you look washed out and tired, even if you’ve had a good eight hours of sleep. In this latest column of ‘Sakhi’ know the colours that are made for your skin tone.


Right colours:

Dusky girls should opt bright colours as it will make their skin tone glowing. Electronic and shocking colours are best for you. While carrying a dark colour dress, wear neutral colour accessories.

Style tips:

•    Pale colours, baby pink or sky blue are big ‘no no’ for you.

•    Earthy and neutral tints will go well with your skin tone. Bright coloured jewelleries will look vibrant with these shades.

•    Bright pink, electric blue and royal bright purple will hone your skin tone.

Make up:

•    If you have no time for make-up, just apply dark red lipstick.

•    For a day party use matte shades while shimmer effect is best for night outings.

•    Avoid silver but play with golden shades as it will enhance your look.


Right colours:

Proper balancing of warm and cool colours should be the style mantra of girls with wheatish complexion. Play with different shades of green, white, pink and violet.

Style tips:  

•    White, sky blue and soft pink would be the right colour options for daytime.

•    For night parties select darker shades. Phusia, yellow, cream and red would look awesome.

•    Avoid those colours which can make your skin appear dull. Proper balancing of bright and muted colours is a must.


•    Pale pink and mauve will suit you.

•    Don’t use glittery or shimmered eye shades and lip glosses as it will make your skin appear darker.

•    If you are applying bright eye shadow, use lighter shades of lipstick.


Right colours:

Warm colours like beige, golden yellow and tomato red will flatter fair skin tone.

Style tips

•    Deep shades of any colour will compliment you.

•    Mix and match cool and warm colours. For instance, if you are wearing any cool colour dress, wrap an orange colour stole on your neck.

•    If you are going for monochrome or single colour dresses, then also don’t forget to look ravishing with warm colours.

Make up:

•    Apply golden tint of bronzer on cheeks

•    Red colour lipstick will flatter your skin tone

•    Apply pink or red shade lipsticks on day time

Courtesy: Sakhi