It was need of the hour to review the progress of dams and power projects being constructed on the river Ganga in Uttarakhand. It would be better that project had been completed before the scheduled period given that government has invested billions of rupees on several under construction projects. Earlier also, the projects faced stiff opposition, but nobody knows why did the state government show a lackadaisical approach on these projects. Undoubtedly, there is a great requirement of electricity which might have been churned out from available water sources. But this cannot be done either at the cost of river Ganga or flouting the environmental norms. Ganga is not only a river, but also a symbol of the country as well as the culture. There should not be any work which puts the existence of Ganga in peril. The logic behind changing the course of the river for projects bears no reason. If it is done, it will disturb the natural course of the river and distort the culture of the country as a whole. It is not proper to tamper with nature. It is a fact that at one hand environmentalists as well as the saint community is demanding to put a halt to the construction of the ongoing projects on the other, there are also people who are in favour of starting the projects. One such section which favours the project consists of those people who give greater importance to the development works other than conserving the environment of the state. They need to understand the fact that Uttrakhand does not require that amount of power which is to be generated from the projects. Also the ecology of the state is in dire state.

The ecology of the hilly areas needs special precaution. The government will have to study exhaustively before giving approval to such projects in the hilly areas so that ecological balance can not disturbed. Such things have happened earlier also when there was a sudden review of works when the projects were almost shelved which led to loss of huge state exchequer. So, it would be proper for the states as well as the Centre to ensure that they properly assess the development projects before starting them and to make it clear that it would not hamper the environment of the concerned state. If it is not done, such projects would be resulting into great loss of public exchequer.