For a Chief Minister, there can be nothing more detrimental than being indicted along with his trusted team of Ministers in a multi-crore illegal mining racket. Compounding to the miseries of the CM, his sons have been alleged of getting kickbacks to the tune of several crores from a mining firm. Heads are bound to roll and the seriousness of the charges increases manifold when the allegations form a part of the written report of the Lokayukta. Keeping in mind the manner in which Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh N Hegde has alleged Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and few Ministers of somber charges in his report, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership should prepare itself for a decisive step in this regard. The step is even more required because the Lokayukta has substantial evidence in the illegal mining racket against the CM and others. At a time, when people are exasperated by the acts of corruption by Men-in-Khadi, the BJP will appear on the losing end if it makes an effort to safeguard Yeddyurappa and his team. The significance of the allegations on the BJP bigwigs cannot be dwarfed by the fact that in addition to Yeddyurappa, the Lokayukta has also indicted the Bellary brothers Janardhana Reddy and Karunakara Reddy, former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and a Congress Rajya Sabha member in his report. The further investigation exposes a revenue loss worth Rs 1,800 crore to the state government. Being the Chief Minister the responsibility increases on Yeddyurappa to reply the allegations on the large scale corruption reported in his tenure. Delaying an action against Yeddyurappa on grounds that the Lokayukta has recommended a further probe into the matter will make a dent in the BJP’s image. 

In context to Yeddyurappa, it cannot be overlooked that previously he has been alleged of corruption and he himself had admitted about gross irregularities in the land allotment to his family members. For how long will he be given a free hand to carry out mistakes one after the other? In addition to the Lokayukta report, an order of the High Court has also placed Yeddyurappa in the dock. Even as the BJP awaits the complete report of Lokayukta, it’s arguments over defending Yeddyurappa by citing the example of Congress government in Delhi appear baseless. According to the BJP, the Delhi government had turned down the recommendations of the Shunglu Committee and it had overlooked the Lokayukta report to initiate action against it’s minister. It all appears to be untruly face of the political party where unwarranted and desperate effort is being put to cover up corrupt activities which infact should be strongly condemned. Is the BJP now imitating skewed approach of other political parties on corruption as a shield to defend itself?  If the saffron party does so, this will clearly reflect its hollow commitments over fighting corruption.