9.05 pm: Australia thump India 6-1.

8.50 pm:
Finally. India hit their first goal against Australia.

8.42 pm: One more. India 6-0 behind Australia.

8.38 pm: Fifth goal from Australia.

8.30 pm: AND Another goal from Australia. India struggling for breathe, at the moment.

8.25 pm: Australia hit third goal against India.

8.20 pm: Third quarter starts. Scores remain 2-0 in favour of Australia.

8.15 pm:
Second quarter ends.

7.53 pm: Goal! Australia score second goal against India.

7.36 pm: Australia score a goal against India.

7.30 pm:
Indian women hockey team start match against Australia.

7.30 pm:
Judo player Avatar Singh loses to Misenga Popole from Refugee Olympic Team.

7.02 pm:
Jitu Rai finishes at 12 spot, first 8 qualify.

7.01 pm:
Jitu fails to qualify for 50m pistol round of 32. Completes round 6 with a score of 88.

6.52 pm: Jitu finishes fifth round with a total of 95. Stands 6th as of now.

6.47 pm:
Bombayala reaches pre-quarterfinals with three set win. Herscores: 27, 27, 26 and 28.

6.46 pm:
Devi loses third round by 26-27.

6.43 pm:
Devi wins second round with the same scores.

6.42 pm:
Bombayala Devi wins round one against Taipei’s Shin-Chia Lin by 27-24.

6.37 pm: 
Jitu finishes round 4 with a total of 94. Currently standing at number 7.

6.33 pm:
Jitu moves to 6th spot.

6.30 pm:
Nanjappa Prakash struggling at number 40 in 50m pistol event. His scores: 85, 90 and 52.

6.26 pm:
Jitu finishes round three with a score of 90. Currently standing at number 10.

6.22 pm:
Jitu currently at number 7.

6.21 pm: Bombayala qualifies for round of 32 with three straight sets win.

6.18 pm:
Indian archer needs to win one more set to go through to round of 32.

6.18 pm: Bombayala wins third set as well. Scores till now: 24, 28 and 27 in three rounds.

6.15 pm:
Bombayala wins second round against Laurence Baldauff of Austria.

6.10 pm:
Bombayla Devi wins round one of women's singles archery event. Finishes with 24 points.

6.08 pm:
Jitu moves to 5th spot. Finishes round 2 with a total of 95.

6.07 pm:
Jitu moves to 10th spot as second round gets underway.

6.00 pm:
Jitu Rai finishes first series with 92, Prakash with 61.

5.30 pm:
Jitu hits 10, 9 and 9 in first three shots in 50m pistol men's qualification event.


Women's Individual 1/32 Eliminations
Laurence Baldauff (Austria) vs Bombayala Devi Laishram at 6.09 pm.

Women's Individual 1/32 Eliminations
Deepika v Kristine Esebua Georgia at 01.27 am.

Men's Light Welter (64kg)
Manoj Kumar v Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) at 03.00 am.


Women's Pool B: India vs Australia at 7.30 pm.

Avtar Singh vs MISENGA P (Refugee Olympic Team) at 6.30 pm.

50m Pistol Men's Qualification, Prakash Nanjappa/Jitu Rai at 5.30pm.

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