New Delhi: Superstition or co-incidence? Whatever it may be, but if history relating to the Lokpal Bill is traced and consequences believed then it may not be long that the ruling coalition are seen crying over their fate and the Opposition rejoicing.

This was the ninth time when the Lokpal Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha. Prior to this, various governments tried their luck to pass the Bill but it seems that proved quite unlucky for them.

The Lokpal Bill has been presented eight times before but either the governments could not complete their tenure or the Bill was sent in cold storage.

The governments that did not table the Bill at all, however, completed their tenure.

Here are the events detailing when the Bill was tabled but could not see the light of the day:

1. The Lokpal Bill was tabled in the Parliament on May 1, 1968 for the first time by former Minister Y B Chavan. The Bill was sent to a Joint Committee and passed by the House on August 20, 1969. But before it could go to the Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha was dissolved owing to split in the Congress.

2. However, the Bill was again introduced on August 2, 1971 by then Home Minister Ram Niwas Mirdha but it could not be passed in that Lok Sabha session.

3. During the Janata Party rule also, the Bill was again tabled in 1977 by the then Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh but there was no follow up action on it.

4. In 1985, the Rajiv Gandhi government had tabled this Bill for the fourth time but it was not passed. The Congress was not re-elected.

5. Yet again, on December 21, 1989, Dinesh Goswami, the then Law Minister in the V P Singh government, introduced the Bill, but troubles within the Janata Dal led to the regime's ouster soon.

6. The sixth attempt to table the Bill was made on December 10, 1996 when the Deve Gowda government brought the Bill on the floor of the House but as they say, history repeated itself.

7. During the first Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, the Bill was introduced on July 23, 1998, by Janardhanan but that regime too lasted for only 13 months.

8. The then Minister Vasundhara Raje introduced the Bill on July 9, 2001, during the second NDA regime under Vajpayee. The Bill was sent to the standing committee, where it remained stuck.

9. This was the ninth time when the Bill was tabled in the Lok Sabha.