Mumbai: Actor Rishi Kapoor, who was tagged "chocolate hero" and "lover boy" in his prime in the 1980s wowed his female fans with his acting and romance skills. But it was that time when material roles couldn’t find their way. Now the actor has experimented well with different characters in films like, Do Dooni Chaar and Agneepath.

The actor is busy with "D-Day", and two more films to be directed under Yash Raj Films banner, Kaanchi and Besharam. Rishi Kapoor admits that films are their family business, and is happy that his son Ranbir entered filmdom and praises him for taking an unconventional route to stardom without his help.

Q: How do you see your son Ranbir taking up the family tradition of acting dutifully?

A: I am very proud that my son is trying to keep the flag of the Kapoor's flying. I always encourage him and want him to do better work. I want Ranbir to be successful while being level headed. I want his head on his shoulders. I want him to be very realistic about the fact. Films are not just a joke, it's our family business and I am happy that he is serious about his career and his work.

Q: But initially he didn’t taste the success…

A: Although Ranbir had a dull start with "Saawariya", but thanks to his choice of roles in "Wake Up Sid", "Raajneeti", "Rockstar" and "Barfi", the youngster has carved a niche for himself in just six years. He is an actor who has taken a less travelled route. He is choosing different films and doing films that are not the staple diet of film heroes. For that I give him credit. The choices of films are totally his, all creative decisions are his, I have no contribution to that at all. People feel I chose his films, but it's not so. I am just his father, not his manager.

Q: Was Ranbir confident about becoming an actor?

A: He knew his family business is such, so you are inclined to get into it, which is very natural. That must have influenced him. He wanted to go to a film school, so he went there and got trained as an actor. And god has been kind, he has given him some kind of strength to maintain his name.

Q: Unlike your son, you didn’t get to experiment much during your time, but recently films like "Do Dooni Chaar" and "Agneepath" have given you a chance to make up for the lost opportunities.

A: I have never got to play these kinds of roles when I was younger. When you are young, you want to do romantic roles. Now I am playing all kinds of roles, which are very prominent to the subject and I am happy that they came my way. I love to experiment with different roles.

Q: You donned the director’s hat once for "Aa Ab Laut Chalen" in 1999, do you have any plans of direction again?

A: I am not planning to direct any film. I have so much work. God has been kind and I am happy with the work I am doing right now. I want to be focused.  

Q: What you have to say about the new trends of promotional activities, unlike your time.

A: Promotions these days are very stressful. I see my son doing it more than me. He is right now promoting his 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' and I see him running around here and there - sometimes in London, sometimes in Dubai. It is very stressful.


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