Holika Dahan

Holi Pooja begins a day before the Holi Festival. This day is called 'Holika Dahan'. It is believed that one can conquer his or her fears by performing Holika Puja. Holika Dahan is an important ritual which is observed to mark the victory of good over bad. This is called 'Holika Dahan'.

Materials to be used for Puja

The following materials are used for Puja:

1.    One bowl of water
2.    Beads made of cow dung
3.    Roli
4.    Rice grains which should not be broken (also called Akshat in Sanskrit)
5.    Incense sticks
6.    Flowers
7.    Raw cotton thread
8.    Turmeric pieces
9.    Unbroken lentil of Moong
10.    Batasha sweets
11.    Gulal powder
12.    Coconut
13.    Fully grown grains of freshly cultivated crops (like wheat and gram)

Holika Sthapana

The place where Holika is kept is rinsed with cow dung and the holy water of Ganges. A wooden pole is kept in the center and surrounded with beads or garlands of toys made of cow dung which are popularly known as Gulari, Bharbholiye or Badkula. Idols of Holika and Prahalad usually made of cow dung are placed on the top of the heap. Holika pile is decorated with toys made of cow dung.

During Holika Dahan, idol of Prahalad is taken out. Also four beads of cow dung are kept safe before bonfire. One is kept safe in the name of ancestors, second in the name of God Hanuman, third in name of Goddess Sheetala and fourth in the name of the family.