When contacted, Rituparna said, "Yes, I made the pledge at a screening of documentary 'Maronottar Deho Daan' (Donating body after death) by Debdut Ghosh.

"There are so many people around us who are maimed for life. If our organs come of use after death, it can be termed as being reborn," the Paromitar Ekdin actor said.

Rituparna, who had earlier pledged to donate her eyes, also called for debunking the myth and superstition about donating one's body.

"With the spread of scientific awareness let's be more rational," she said.

Ghosh, who directed the documentary, said, "It is true that all religions have reservations about donating bodies. We can at least hope that since we all talk about humanity, let's be a bit more humane in our thoughts by thinking about fellow human beings. Let's hope relatives will not object during handing over the body of a donor having inked consent forms when he was alive."

On Rituparna's pledge, Ghosh said, "I am happy that a personality like Ritudi has come forward to campaign for our cause."


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