Benghazi: Rival protests for and against Libya's ruling National Transitional Council on Tuesday packed squares in the eastern city of Benghazi, epicenter of the uprising which ousted Muammar Gaddafi.
Chants of "Down with the new regime!" from disgruntled anti-NTC protesters were met in equal voice with slogans like "The people want Mustafa Abdel Jalil!" from supporters of the NTC and its chief.
Abdel Jalil has been singled out since yesterday by hundreds of protesters in the city over his recent remarks that the North African country's new rulers were ready to forgive pro-Gaddafi fighters.

These protesters say there is a lack of transparency about the NTC's activities.
Libya's new rulers have been under fire for the first time after the ouster of Gaddafi in a brutal revolution which erupted in Benghazi in February and spread across the entire country before ending with the killing of the former dictator.
"It is not that we are attacking Mustafa Jalil personally, but he is surrounded by corrupt NTC members. He is unable to control things," said one protester, Osama Obeidi, adding that various groups had prepared a list of demands.
The protesters' main demand, according to the list, was that top priority be given to former rebels and those wounded in the revolution.
It also said that NTC members must not participate in the election of a national congress.