As the atmosphere was surcharged with protests from opposition members on the conversion issue, Rajesh Ranjan (RJD) tore a newspaper and threw bits all around, with some pieces falling on the podium.

An angry Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai, who was in the Chair, adjourned the proceedings for 10 minutes.

Condemning Ranjan's action, Thambidurai said, "I strongly object the manner in which Rajesh Rajan threw paper on me. It is very bad. You have to respect the Chair."

Earlier, members from Congress, TMC, CPI(M), RJD and AAP trooped into the Well shouting slogans demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement on conversion issue.

The opposition members said the BJP government has won the elections in the name of Modi and he should make a statement in the House.

When the House resumed, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge sought to pacify Thambidurai saying that the members did not have any intention to insult the Chair.

"We have great respect for you. You are senior most leader and we have no intention to insult the Chair. Our anger is on BJP which is bulldozing us," Kharge said, dubbing the ministers as arrogant. He said Bhasmasur will obliterate them.

To this, Naidu said, "Bhasmasur will not come on wise people. We are wise people." Bhasmasur, a mythical demon, had the power to burn anyone into ashes.

Ranjan too said he was sorry. "I did not throw paper on you. I am sorry," he said. Amid pandemonium, A Sampath (CPI-M) alleged that the mike of Kharge has been switched off and protested vociferously in the Well.

But soon after, Sampath felt unwell and had to be rushed to Parliament dispensary. He was later discharged.

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