The Lalu Yadav-led party also rubbished the allegations that the ordinance was brought to help the RJD president against whom CBI is expected to deliver its judgement next week.
"The entire UPA government seems to be a pygmy before Rahul Gandhi, there seems to be no coordination between the government and the Congress," RJD Legislature party leader in Bihar Assembly Abdul Bari Siddiqui said.
"An elected government has all the right to make any law or enact a piece of legislation, it’s shocking the way Rahul Gandhi pulled up the party government," MLA Siddiqui said.
Siddiqui, who earlier served as party's state president and is the prominent minority face of RJD, is the first leader from that party to react on Rahul's outburst. The Lalu Yadav-led party lends external support to the Congress-led UPA government.
Lalu Prasad did not talk to media over the issue. The RJD Legislature party leader said that the entire nation was baffled over Rahul Gandhi's sudden eruption.
"The ordinance came after Cabinet approval and talks have been going on with different parties over bringing an amendment over Supreme Court ruling on disqualification of a lawmaker in case of conviction for more than two years. Where was Rahul Gandhi during this time or was he not aware of all these things?" he asked.
Siddiqui rubbished that ordinance was brought to help RJD president against whom Ranchi CBI court will be delivering judgement in one of the fodder scam case on September 30.
"Laws are not made keeping in view one person," he said.
"It’s a coincidence that Prasad case comes during this time. Not only Prasad, but many lawmakers of BJP, Congress, DMK and others would have benefited from the ordinance," he said.
Sources in the RJD said that it seems Rahul Gandhi's sudden outpouring was in view of coming Delhi Assembly elections where Congress wishes to win middle class votes.


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