And those close to the Kapoors say that RK’s parents, Rishi and Neetu are extremely upset with their son’s personal life being splashed across the pages.

Sources say his mum is especially miffed with his love life being talked about in the open. Intimate photographs of Ranbir and Katrina on their recent holiday in Ibiza are what seem to have sent the actor’s parents hopping mad. A source says, “Ranbir’s parents have never reacted very well to news about their son’s dalliances. They feel this will affect his professional life.” An enraged Rishi Kapoor said, “I don’t subscribe to this nonsense,” before abruptly ending our phone call.

After Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone slammed Ranbir on Karan Johar’s chat show a few years ago, it apparently annoyed the Kapoors to no end. Rishi even went to the extent of saying he would never work with Karan again. They eventually patched up. Even a while ago when our publication reported about Ranbir’s alleged romance with aspiring actress Angela Jonsson, a friend of Neetu had conveyed the matriarch’s displeasure.

Courtesy: Mid-Day